Dollar for dollar per square foot probably the best profit center in your store!

Odor Free

Quiet Operation

Environmentally Friendly

Use City, Well, Lake or Salt Water

Attractive and Compact

Cabinet Color Options

Saves Water

Easy Maintenance

Economical Operation

Total Water Recirculation

Temperature Control

Constant Air Circulation

Our tanks are very quick, simple and easy to clean. Just wipe the inside of the tanks with the minnows still in the tank. Use a cloth or a sponge that has not been treated with any cleaners, soaps or detergents, wipe and rinse the cloth or sponge in the same water. The filter system will pick up the debris. Cleaning will probably take less than five minutes per tank and can be done anytime.

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  • Quiet economical operation, plus easy to service and maintain.

  • Attractively designed with durable construction, formica covered cabinet on Heavy Duty casters.

  • Exclusive Caribbean Blue insulated fiber glass tanks that are marine life compatible.

  • Biological, odor free multi-stage filtering system which features minimum maintenance.

  • Uniform, high volume total recirculation to keep the water fresher.

  • Chiller Unit that keeps the water at a consistent pre-set temperature which you select.

  • Automatic water intake and leveling, which you can adjust.

  • Fresh water intake filter, built in to handle filtering needs of either municipal or private well water.

  • Efficient, quiet air compressor with an easy to clean and maintain in-tank diffuser circulation system.



  • Choice of cabinet color to match the fixtures in your store.
  • Choice of cabinet trim to match decor in your store.
  • Battery back-up aeration system.

COLOR OPTIONS - see examples

  • Basic Striping
  • Natural Oak
  • Camoflage


WARRANTY - One year written warranty on materials, components and workmanship.

Live Bait Systems - Model FRS 1000

Cabinet and System with 1 - 30 gallon tank


  • Water Capacity:  30 gallons
  • Tank Dividers:  1
  • Tank Lids:  1
  • Recirculated Volume:  265GPH
  • Electrical Required:  115V/3.2
  • Dimensions: 42"H x 32"W x 24"L
  • Crated Shipping Weight:  305 lbs.